1. Terms
    • These Rules have been developed on the basis of the “Rules for hotel use and similar facilities for hotel accommodation and provision” approved by the order of the State Tourism Administration of Ukraine No. 19 of March 16, 2004, registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on April 2, 2004 No. 413/9012.
    • In its activities, the hotel is governed by the applicable law of Ukraine, the “Rules for hotel use and similar facilities for hotel accommodation and services”, and these Rules.
  • Hotel operation is around the clock.
  1. Information about services
    • The hotel is obliged to provide the consumer with necessary, reliable information about hotel services, namely:

– price list for rooms; the list of basic services included in the room price; list and price of additional services provided for a fee; information about the form and payment order of the services; list of categories of persons entitled to benefits (children under 5 years); information about the restaurant; information on the work of domestic services; information on consumer protection authorities.

2.2. In case of poor health or poor health, contact the next administrator of the Hotel Bordo (call from hotel number – 101; mobile phone – +38 0999004713). An ambulance call will be organized for you.

  1. The procedure of reservation of rooms (places), conclusion of the contract for hotel service and payment of service
    • The hotel has the right to enter into an agreement with the customer for the reservation of rooms, as well as to accept reservations for reservations via postal, telephone or other communication (e-mail). The contract is considered to be concluded only in the case of a written acceptance by the hotel, sent to him a booking request and the parties reach an agreement on all essential conditions.
    • When booking a hotel, the hotel has the right to request 100% payment for hotel services. If the customer refuses to pay, his accommodation in the hotel is made in the order of the general turn. If the customer does not arrive before 18:00 (cancellation time) on the day of arrival, the reservation will be canceled if the reservation has not been confirmed.
    • To continue the guarantee, please provide your bank card details or pay for your reservation.
    • The hotel has the right to apply free rates and tariffs, and a discount system for all services provided. The hotel reserves the right to scan a document confirming the identity of the guest.
    • Room price, cost of additional services, incl. booking, set by the hotel independently, the form of payment is determined by the contract between the consumer and the hotel. The hotel may apply daily or half-day payment for hotel services.
    • Hotel services fees are charged according to a single estimated hour – 12 hours of the current day. First day accommodation is payable at check-in.
  • If you stay in a hotel for less than one day, you will be charged for the full day; regardless of the estimated hour.
  • When accommodating citizens from 0-00 hours up to 6-00 hours, billing hours are charged per day.
  • When accommodating citizens from 6-00 hours. up to billing hours (12-00), half-board is charged if the room is free.
  • When leaving the guest within 6 hours after the billing hour, the fee will be charged for half a day, and at the departure more than 6 hours after the billing hour – for a full day.
    • There are no room charges for children under 5 years old (incl.) With parents in the same room, without extra bed.
    • If the customer repeatedly violates the Hotel Accommodation Rules and / or the Fire Safety Rules, which leads to material damage and / or creates inconvenience for other consumers, the Hotel has the right to refuse settlement or to terminate the contract (evict). The Hotel also reserves the right to refuse guest accommodation at its discretion.
  1. Procedure for providing service
    • The number (place) at the hotel will be provided to the consumer upon presentation of a passport or other identification document and, with the permission of the guest, is scanned; birth certificate of minors under 16, driver’s license, military ID and completed sample application form. In case of loss or damage of things, the consumer has the right to inform the hotel. If before the end of the stay the consumer has not submitted his requirements to the hotel, it is considered that his things have not been lost or damaged.
    • In case of forgotten things, the hotel informs the owner of the things (provided that their owner is known). The forgotten things are stored in the hotel for six months, after which they are transferred to the appropriate authorities for sale or destroyed, as a result of the corresponding act of the established form.
    • The consumer is obliged to abide by these Rules. If the consumer violates the internal rules of residence of the hotel and creates inconvenience for other consumers, the hotel has the right to evict and not grant the right of settlement in the future.
    • Consumer Responsibilities:
  • adhere to the rules of residence established by the hotel administration;
  • keep clean;
  • observe fire safety rules;
  • when leaving the room, lock it and hand over the key to the administrator;
  • recover damages in case of damage to the property of the hotel, in accordance with applicable law.
  • upon check-out, return the key to the next administrator, in case of loss of the key – to pay a fine of 100 UAH.
    Consumers staying at the hotel are not allowed to:
  • to store and store in the rooms substances, materials and objects which are dangerous for the life and health of citizens;
  • to keep in the rooms of unauthorized persons for the period of their absence, as well as to hand them the key to the number without warning the
  • hotel administration;
  • to leave in the guest room from 23.00 to 6.00;
  • smoking in the room (fine of 1000 UAH);
  • pass on your business card to others.
  1. Hotel and Consumer Responsibility for Failure to Perform Hotel Services
    • The hotel is obliged to provide quality services in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation, these Rules and the contract.
      If all or part of the contractual obligations relating to the provision of services are not fulfilled, the hotel will indemnify the other party for the losses incurred.
    • In the event of a defect in the service provided, the consumer shall have the right to request the deficiency to be remedied free of charge and within a specified period. The hotel must take measures to remedy the deficiencies of the service provided within one hour from the moment the customer makes the relevant request.
    • Compensation for damages caused by the consumer in connection with damage to property of the hotel is carried out by him in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
  2. Compliance control
    • Compliance with the hotel and the users of these Rules is exercised by the local authorities.
    • The hotel is responsible for violation of sanitary requirements or provision of hotel services that do not meet the requirements of regulatory documents regarding safety for life, health and property of consumers and the environment in accordance with the current legislation.
      The Hotel is obliged to control the observance of the staff of these Rules. In case of violation of the Rules, the perpetrators shall be liable in accordance with the legislation in force.